July – December 2023

Thank You for your interest in the WIN Program!

PURPOSE of the WIN Program

To create a movement to support women globally through coaching, training, and microfinancing to bring their well thought out ideas to market and to promote their growth, advancement and minimize the gender gap.

VISION of the WIN Program

Impact women in business by providing coaching, training, and microfinancing globally.

VALUES of the WIN Program

  1. Stewardship for the love of women’s wisdom and empowerment
  2. Ownership for the love of commitment
  3. Leadership for the love of inspiration and achievement

MISSION of the WIN Program

  1. To develop the leadership competencies of women and help them gain insight into their individual power.
  2. To partner with NFP organizations to support their efforts in helping women thrive and progress in their organizations.
  3. To provide a platform for coaches eager to contribute their skills to empower women to reach their professional and personal goals.

WIN is looking for women with a growth mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit, who are supported by a NFP organization.


Duration: 6 months
Timeline: July 9 – December 31, 2023 
Venue: virtual

KEY COMPONENTS of the WIN Program:

    Participants selected for the WIN Program will be paired with a certified Coach. They will meet with their Coach once a month for an hour. WIN Coaches are not expected to be business advisers, therapists, or mentors, but rather partners in facilitating the growth and development of their ‘coachee’ by asking insightful questions and providing encouragement and often resources. WIN Participants determine what they want to focus on in each session and are encouraged to come to each session prepared to maximize their time and the Coach’s time.

    WIN Participants are enrolled in Corporate Class Inc.’s internationally recognized Leadership Presence online program. Designed for leaders and top performers, this acclaimed program offers 8 hours of interactive learning modules, activities and quizzes that are to be completed at your own pace over the course of your 6-month program. Participants learn what it means to have ‘presence’, how to build it, and how having a strong presence can help you become a better leader and advance your career.

    Participants are also required to attend 2 virtual half-day workshops (over the course of the 6 months), that focus on Women in Leadership. These workshops provide Participants with an opportunity to interact with colleagues in their Cohort, other Coaches, and the Instructor.

    WIN Participants become part of a Cohort of 15-20 other women leaders from not-for-profit organizations with whom they will have opportunities to interact. Participants are required to attend a kick-off Information Meeting prior to the launch of the Program which is the first opportunity to meet Cohort colleagues. Subsequent meetings include the Program Introductory Meeting (when Participants meet their Coaches) and a Debrief Meeting nearing the conclusion of the Program. In addition, the workshops provide great forums for Participants to get to know each other.

This Program is valued at $4,500. and is generously made available to selected emerging
women leaders at no cost to the individual or her organization.

It is the expectation and goal of Corporate Class Inc. and WIN that women chosen to participant in the WIN
program will be fully committed to engage in all aspects of WIN, including:

  • punctual and prepared attendance at 6 monthly coaching sessions with a WIN Coach, focusing on building your leadership capacity
  • completion of the online “Leadership Presence” package and discuss it with your Coach
  • completion of a Leadership Development Plan that establishes short- and long-term goals for growth
  • attendance at two virtual “Empowered Mindset” workshops and participation with Cohort colleagues
  • maintaining communication with the WIN program with any questions, concerns and/or suggestions, including notification if you are unable to attend a session or meeting due to an emergency
  • keeping your manager and organization updated on your participation and learning at WIN
  • honouring the confidentiality of others and the trademark of WIN materials that have generously been made available to you

If you believe you could benefit from the WIN Program and you have your organization’s support, please complete the WIN application below: